Released: Thursday 13th September 2012

 "Disposition of MGB-BP-3, a New Class of Antibacterial Agent, After Oral Administration in a Hamster Model of Severe Clostridium difficile Associated Diarrhoea (CDAD)"

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CEO Miroslav Ravic commented during the ICCAC conference “This study is extremely important as it builds solidly on the ICAAC paper last year in Chicago. There we demonstrated that MGB BP3 worked as well as the gold standard in curing C difficile infections in a preclinical model with superior results in clearing the bacteria.   What we have shown clearly this time is that the drug is very accurately delivered to the gut and that it does so in sufficient concentrations to ensure the best possible chance of having an antibacterial effect. This is another key step for the MGB programme. With our new class and it's mechanism of action, it has always been for us about making a difference.    As existing drugs become less effective due to the rise of resistance to established mechanisms, it becomes more and more urgent to have new drugs ready for use in life threatening infections.   With our C difficile programme results together with the very recent significant progress we have made for our injectable formulation of the same drug (for MRSA and other infections) we believe we are exactly on-track to add a very valuable new option for clinicians in the endless battle against bacterial infections.

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