UKG Office of Life Sciences workshop

Wednesday 20th March 2019


 The Office for Life Sciences is currently engaging with SMEs across the life science sector to better understand the concerns, impacts and plans that companies are developing and enacting to prepare for EU exit.

UKG Office of Life Sciences will be holding a Life Sciences workshop, planned to take place at the E&Y offices in Edinburgh. UKG Office of Life Sciences wants to use the workshop to understand SLA members' key concerns and needs. This will also be an opportunity to update members on Government planning for Brexit in areas such as regulation, borders, continuity of supply, trade continuity and migration. UKG Office of Life Sciences will use the findings from the workshop to influence Government policy across relevant departments and Ministers. The information we provide will be treated confidentially and will not be shared outside of Government. 


In December 2018, Cabinet Office agreed to proceed with the Government’s next phase of no deal planning. This means UKG Office is setting in motion our remaining no deal plans. HMG recommended that businesses ensure they are prepared and enact their own no deal plans as they judge necessary. UKG Office is keen to ensure that companies are aware of all the information available, providing updates on current developments, and identifying gaps on the information provided to them.